Roy de Kleijn

Independent Technical Test Consultant at The Future Group

Roy De Kleijn is a independent Test Consultant with a true passion for technical testing. He has a lot of experience in automated testing of webservices, performance and websites. He is always trying to find a way to transfer knowledge to colleagues who are interested in the automated testing of software.
He worked on a test automation implementation at Aspider Solutions International, a Telecom company. He succeeded to create automated tests for the core functionality, such as functional flows and mediation process. After this assignment he was hired by Spil Games, worldwide market leader in online casual games, where Roy de Kleijn made a robust test automation framework, for functional / web services testing.
He speaks at conferences and provides, on request, practice oriented Selenium trainings.
Roy de Kleijn blogs at www.rdekleijn.nl and can be followed on twitter @TheWebTester.

My Sessions

Improving your Selenium Webdriver tests (Tutorial)


Selenium WebDriver is a popular tool for driving the browsers for test automation. Many companies with browser-based applications have taken steps towards including Selenium WebDriver in their repertoire.  There’s also a lot of reports on challenges: brittleness of tests with tests passing and failing randomly, trouble with maintenance as the test suites get bigger and […]

Full Day Tutorial