Paulo Matos

Senior Consultant of Novabase Financial Services

Paulo José Estrela Vitoriano de Matos, is in now days a Senior Novabase Financial Services.

He loves doing exploratory tests and testing the energy consumption of information systems is the last passion.

Normally takes the lead of testing teams who challenges every day to enjoy the best of each tester.

In 2008, Paulo José Estrela Vitoriano de Matos has begun his career as a Software Tester in Banco Mais (Portuguese Bank) and moved to WinTrust (Portuguese Testing Specialized Company) in late 2009. At the beginning of 2017 assume a senior position at Novabase Financial Services, one of the leading multinationals of IT in Portugal.

On their experience in Testing and Quality Assurance he collaborated on manual testing projects such as automated testing. Also, conducted interventions in productive environment. At this time is a PMO with a responsibility of Quality, in a project in the area of the Portuguese banking are working near 170 people.

He graduated in 2007 from the Portalegre School of Technology and Management in Business Management and ended this year 2015 the Master Environmental Citizenship and Participation at the public University “Aberta” (Lisbon). The master dissertation get 19 values (in 20) subdued at theme “The contribution of software testing to its conception more efficient in terms of energy”. Also in 2014 is co-author of a scientific paper “Software testing in reducing of the energy consumption of information systems” published at Journal of Computer Sciences (Public University Aberta, Lisbon  http://hdl.handle.net/10400.2/3870 ). In 2016 became an invited university teacher (Private University “Lusófona”, Lisbon) of MBA, responsible of the class of “Requirements Engineering and Software Testing”.

It is strong enthusiast of software testing result on assiduous presence at international software testing conferences. In 2010 and 2013 in Portuguese PSTQB (Lisbon), at Belgium Testing Days 2014 (Bruges) and 2015 (Brussels) or at the Expo: QA (Madrid) in 2015. Its international involvement results on achieved of a second place in an international competition organized by Belgium Testing Days (BTD) in 2014. In 2015 at the same organizers (BTD) he promotes an article entitled “to see the Software tester discuss consumption is the rare energy the software seeing the Arabian Oryx. ”

At final of year of 2015 become a Speaker at Testing Portugal to an audience of near 300 IT professionals with the theme “Testing Energy Consumption of Information Systems”

Testing the energetic consumption of software

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Testing the energetic consumption of software: Why and How

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