Marianne Duijst

Test Analyst | Software Engineer at Rabobank WRR

Marianne is currently employed as a Software Engineer at Rabobank, and held previous roles as a Test Analyst, Scrum Master, Developer and High School Teacher. Her love for IT and the Testing profession comes from a love for puzzles, logic, and structure mixed together with her creative, writing and crocheting mind. She loves to explore, meet people from different countries and cultures, read voraciously and dream outrageously.

My Sessions

Moving from Tester to Software Engineer – Changing our Work Culture

Accenture Room (Vivaldi)

My department is transitioning to DevOps as the next step from working Agile. In the process, Test Analysts and Developers have seen their roles merge into one generic role: Software Engineer. The skills and mind-set I brought to my role as Test Analyst are just as vital now in my new role as Software Engineer. […]