Marcel Gehlen

Team Lead @ MaibornWolff GmbH

Marcel Gehlen is team lead for technical testing at MaibornWolff. He started out as a developer, who always had more fun testing his code than actually writing it and therefore decided to switch careers. Marcel worked in various industries spanning from automotive to customer loyalty programs.
After almost ten years testing software his focus currently lies on test automation and exploratory testing. He currently has the pleasure of testing one of Germany´┐Żs most used mobile apps, especially the new mobile payment functionality.
Marcel tweets as @Marcel_Gehlen and occasionally blogs on thatsthebuffettable.blogspot.com.

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10 Tips To Build A Tester Friendly Environment

Intacct Room (Caravaggio)

Many great testers have trouble showing their value because they either don’t know themselves how much they contribute or they don’t want to present themselves. Subsequently they start to doubt if they contribute any value at all and this can lead to everybody else starting to doubt them, too. Thus they enter a vicious circle […]