Maik Nogens

Senior Consultant at Diaz & Hilterscheid

Maik works as a senior test consultant with Diaz & Hilterscheid, where he focuses on the agile aspects of software testing.
His 19 years of work experience include working in the German Navy HQ, being a project leader in the Middle East as well as working in software development companies as a tester in different industries.
Since joining Diaz & Hilterscheid, he finished projects in the banking industry, in medical software companies and various agile adaptations. These range from Kanban implementation and conducting of Testing Dojos to the more traditional roles in test management, test infrastructure planning and tool support.
As part of his passion to support the profession of testers and testing, he is very active in many peer and community setups.
Maik is a co-founder of two international peer networks, GATE (German Agile Testing and Exploratory Workshop) and PotsLightning (the pre- Agile Testing Days event held in Potsdam). He runs several testing communities (STUGHH, ASQF SIG “Agility”) and is currently establishing an English speaking testing community in his hometown Hamburg, Germany.
In 2014 he designed and implemented the Software Testing World Cup (STWC).
He is a black belt in the Miagi-Do School of Software Testing, attended the BBST course, is a practicing testing trainer, conducts Testing Dojos and runs workshops for Kanban, SCRUM and other agile areas.
He is experienced with agile and testing concepts and holds several certificates (CAT, CABA, IREB, ISTQB Full Advanced, CSM, etc.).

My Sessions

Bake your own STWC (Software Testing World Cup)

Accenture Room (Vivaldi)

What would the Olympic Games of software testing look like? I wondered the same thing in 2014 and exciting, insightful times followed that thought. I will share how the software testing competition snowballed from the initial idea of a few people to a global competition with thousands of people engaged in less than a year. […]