Lucian Adrian Stroie

Agile Coach at ING Bank Romania

Started as a tester, I am now a person with more than 10 years’ experience in software development industry, acting both in testing as well as in project management area, and recently venturing in the public speaking area.
My testing experience covers various types of software, ranging from firmware and embedded to web-apps, from server side to mobile apps, biased towards exploratory testing. Lately, the interest area covers testing in the context of connected spaces, prototypes and conversational interfaces
Besides testing, I have also taken steps in the project management and agile practices areas, gathering useful experience and combining with the testing mindset.
Currently I am filling in an agile coach position in a major Romanian bank,  bringing together various stakeholders and making sure the whole organization is moving steadily on a path to improved agility. Beside this main activity lines, I conduct agile training as a collaborator in a consultancy company.
For the community, I am a volunteer in the local agile and testing communities, supporting the events with either sponsorship that I lobby for as well as with presentations.

My Sessions

The bots are coming! – Testing conversational interfaces

Accenture Room (Vivaldi)

Today’s software is covering itself deeper and deeper under more diverse interfaces, in a quest to make it easier to interact with users. When it comes to interfacing with users, systems reached a point where the GUI are no longer good enough and UX designers underline more and more the importance of seamless interfaces, with […]