Kamila Mrozek

Quality Engineer @ Objectivity

Kamila Mrozek is quality engineer at Objectivity in Poland and has 3 years of experience in testing. She suffers from Tester Hyperactivity Disorder – she tries to be present absolutely everywhere, learn quickly and constantly search for new ways to improve her testing. Her creativity is boundless, and often appears in the form of funny images, written texts for blog or presentations. She believes that nothing is impossible. Her motto is “I can not do it? Hold my coffee.”

My Sessions

Magic of Chaos: how to remain sane in everyday testing

Accesa Room (Verdi)

During testers meeting, one of my friends asked me “How are you able to talk about testing like it is swimming in a bottomless swamp and STILL SMILE?”. That made me think about working as a tester in Agile methodology. It stroke me, that most of the challenges and barriers in our work are caused […]