Huib Schoots

Test Coach (via ImproveQS) at ING

Huib Schoots is a tester, consultant and people lover. He shares his passion for testing through coaching, training, and giving presentations on a variety of test subjects. With almost twenty years of experience in IT and software testing, Huib is experienced in different testing roles. Curious and passionate, he is an agile, exploratory and context-driven tester who attempts to read everything ever published on software testing.

Huib is one of five teachers of Rapid Software Testing. A member of TestNet, AST and ISST, black-belt in the Miagi-Do School of software testing and co-author of a book about the future of software testing. Huib maintains a blog on magnifiant.com and tweets as @huibschoots.

He works for Improve Quality Services, a provider of consultancy and training in the field of testing. Huib has a huge passion for music and plays trombone in a brass band.

Once upon a time...

Storytelling is one of the oldest communication methods. Through stories, we transmit experience, culture, morals and lessons. We are not always aware of it, but we are constantly telling each other stories and playing the starring role in our own story. As humans, we are pre-programmed to react positively to stories, which makes them powerful […]


Storytelling for agile (testing) professionals (tutorial)


Storytelling is a hot topic, and using storytelling in business settings is becoming more common. Two reasons for this are that we all love stories, and that stories are centuries old way of communicating. The ancient art of storytelling is a great tool to make our work easier and more fun! We are not always […]

Full Day Tutorial