Cristiana Maria Gusanu

Expert IT Architect @ Nordea

Cristiana Maria Gusanu is an Expert IT Architect at Nordea Capital Markets, Denmark. She holds a Master’s Degree in Automation and Robotics and a PhD in Cybernetics. Cristiana has over 15 years of experience in test automation and quality assurance. Along with being actively involved in the design and creation of new testing systems, she is spending a lot of time helping organizations to shift their mentality towards a new, ‘out of the box’ and more quality oriented mind-set. She regularly holds public talks and lectures in different IT companies across Europe.

My Sessions

In a time when testing is a task as complex as development, companies need test engineers with more “out of the box” mind set than usual. Testing is not done anymore by just using one off the shelf tool, but by combining, improving and innovating many of them. The test architectures can be sometimes quite […]