Bas Dijkstra

Independent test automation and service virtualization consultant at The Future Group

I am an independent test automation and service virtualization consultant with 10 years of experience helping organizations improve their testing efforts through the smart application of tools. My mission is to design, develop and deliver solutions that genuinely benefit my clients. I also write about the field on my blog and for industry magazines and websites and regularly deliver presentations and workshops related to testing, test automation and service virtualization. I live in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, with my wife and two sons.

Blog: http://www.ontestautomation.com
Twitter: @_basdijkstra
Email: bas@ontestautomation.com

My Sessions

Rest Assured API Testing (Tutorial)


Mobile technology, the Internet of Things, the API economy.. All of them are trends that are gaining massive traction in the IT world, and all of them rely heavily on RESTful web services for communication and interaction between component and applications. Verifying that these RESTful services work as designed and as agreed upon is paramount […]

Full Day Tutorial