Aleksander Lipski

Software Testing Consultant @ ASTEK

Software testing enthusiast. Co-founder of the local testing meetup PTaQ, speaker at polish testing conferences TestingCup and Testwarez and local meetups. Since 2014 he supports program committee in Agile Testing&Quality and TestingCup conferences. In software testing he honors the tester independence and ability to bring value regardless of the given context or role. So far he has been gaining experience in different fields such as banking, telecommunication, smart houses and pharmaceutical industry. Currently he works as consultant mainly in the role of the testing teams coordinator but constantly having the opportunity to test the software.

My Sessions

War of the Worlds – Which Side Are You On, Tester?

Intacct Room (Caravaggio)

With everything that has already been said and written about software testing, virtually everyone may have their own definition of that term. In Software Testing as in other areas you easily find influencers, experts and innovators. However, same as in other rapidly changing areas so in Software Testing you can immediately encounter a dispute about […]