Adam Knight

Head of Product and Testing @ River

Adam Knight is a passionate tester and an active contributor to the testing community. As well as an active blog he is also a regular speaker at testing events including TestBash, Agile Testing Days, UKTMF, Next Generation Testing, Testing Meetups and EUROStar has even managed to sneak his name into a couple of books on the subject. With a background specialising in data analysis and business intelligence systems, Adam is a strong advocate of exploratory testing approaches backed by intelligent use of tools and automation. He has over 15 years experience of testing, however that counts for little as he doesn’t believe in taking the same approach twice in two different companies.

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Intacct Room (Caravaggio)

The term “Tested” is a dangerous one. When a person working in the software industry describes a product or feature as “tested” to another, there is a body of unspoken implication in the term. A more appropriate phrase might be “tested to a level of rigour that we’ve previously established is appropriate for the level […]